Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rock the Cradle

Jayme Austin Photography along with Trucks & Tutus Boutique is running a Mother's Day contest. Just leave a comment on this post with your best mommy tidbit (the crazy conceptions, why you named your child that awesome name, the insane place you gave birth, a horrifying mishap of mommyhood, a tender memory...you know what we're looking for) by Sunday, May 3. Two winners will be chosen and announced via blog on Mother's Day (Sunday May 10). One lucky momma (from the Baton Rouge area) will win a photo sitting and print package from Jayme Austin Photography, while the other lucky momma (no location restrictions on this one) will win a gift certificate to Trucks & Tutus Boutique! (all comments will be considered for both prizes, so leave yours on either blog...or both!)


Anonymous said...

Having twins brings lots of memories but the one Ill never forget was the day we were bringing Aiden to Karate and his sister wanted to know why he had to wear that protective cup to spar...well he told her without flinching "Its to protect my tonsils" ...yeah wehad a mini anatomy lesson that day :)

AC hottnspicynurse@bellsouth.net

Telisa Bickford said...

I just got a new car that has power windows. My two year old son likes to put the window down and have me put it back up. I usually let him do this a couple of times before I lock the windows. When he tries again and the window doesnt go down he tells me "it's broke". Well I took him to the potty one day. As he was trying to pee he looked down at himself and back up at me and proudly announced "It's broke".

Had me laughing for a week.


Katja L. said...

The most funny thing I have had with my boys was when H. still was little (about 4/5 months), E. is two years older.
We went to pick E. up from day care, came home for nap time. E. layed down in bed, lifted his shirt, crabbed H., pulled him to himself and told me: "I gonna nurse him today mommy."
This was such a cute picture :).

JK+L said...

Those early sleep deprived days bring some of my funniest stories. During the middle of the night, within the first week we were home, I heard Lily crying on the monitor. I mumble to my husband to go and get her and he jumps out of bed and starts throwing the covers off of our bed yelling, "She's not in here. I can't find her." Our child never slept in the bed with us so I was a little worried, annoyed and angry all at the same time and I say, "She better not be." My husband stops, looks and me and simply walks out of the room to go and get her. We were deliriously tired!

Kate in Virginia

LindseYaYa said...

Oh! I want to play!

This story just happened a couple of days ago. Two weeks ago we grew our tiny.family to include another man.child. Many little milestones have taken place the past couple of weeks... including introducing the brand.new to his big 'bruver.' With a new bebe comes all the less sparkly things that come with motherhood--- like epi. bottles and mesh panties... wonder.woman boobs and breast pumps.

Wait- we like the boobs... back to the breast pumps.

I was worried about the three year old seeing me hooked up to that contraption. I took all the proper precautions to be discrete about such an event... but the mechanical whoooshing and whirling called my eldest to me like the pied piper. The door opened. I broke out into a cold sweat. I tried to play it off... but how can you really? James' eyes were as big as the moon... he paused... and with his three.year.old.stutter started, 'hey, hey, hey, Hey Momma? Whatyoudoing?' The pressure was on. Truth or Lie Truth or Lie? 'Um, well... I'm pumping milk for bebe.Jackson to eat.' A bit shaken and still unsure, he replied, 'Out of your NUNUS!??' 'Yep, out of my nunus.' Hoping the interrogation was over, James came back, 'You know sumfing momma? I's really like it if your nunus made white raisins and pbj's for me to eat.' *dumbfounded and speechless... 'You and me both, kid. You and me both.'

What can I say, the boy loves his yogurt covered raisins! Let's hope he's not scarred for life... xo!