Monday, December 28, 2009

Nikki and her tiny dancer, Mary Clare

Nikki, David, and Mary Clare were so exceptionally patient when it came to getting their very first family portraits done. As many of you know I've been sick with one thing or another since just before Thanksgiving. We were originally scheduled for their session just after Thanksgiving when Mary Clare would have been 2 weeks old (so perfect for newborn pics), but I was not willing to get that sweet baby sick (as all of you parents out there know if a baby under 2 months gets a fever they are sent to the hospital as a rule of thumb because of lack of certain vaccinations...Elvis landed in the hospital for what turned out to be a cold Ruby had brought home when he was around 4 weeks old, thankfully his fever subsided and they decided not to do a SPINAL TAP!!!) I would have never forgiven myself if I had given Mary Clare something that sent her to the hospital just for the sake of that brings us to her being 5 weeks getting her first pics taken. Not exactly ideal as she has already decided that there are more important things than sleeping and better places to do so (i.e. her Mommy and Daddy's arms). I got as many shots as I could that did not include her "telling us how it is" and most of the beautiful one include Nikki and David (which I think is just as wonderful as a solo shot...FAMILY IS AWESOME especially when it is so fresh and new). I think this is my favorite of the two girls. Nikki is a dancer, she told me she taught dance to help pay for medical school (that's right, that beautiful mommy is a doctor). After I understood Mary Clare's telling us that she wouldn't be happy unless someone was holding her, I changed tactics and gave into her request. Bingo, beautiful photo! Thank you, little one, for making me take a step out of my own box. xoxo

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