Friday, February 29, 2008

Newborn Portrait, Camryn

OK! So I'm a little excited about these photos! I just couldn't help myself. . I HAD to put up just one more of tiny Camryn! BTW . . . Ruby had been trying so hard to say Camryn, she's gotten as far as saying CaCa! Love it! 

Lifestyle Portrait, Teeny Tiny Tootsies

I am so elated to make this post! I am now entering the world of newborn photography and there aren't any better people to join on this journey than my wonderful friends, the Wittry's! (As many of you know, Kim & Jared's Owen is totally Ruby's boyfriend!) They were all beyond happy to welcome little Camryn into their lives on Thurday! I forgot how small newborns really are. This afternoon my trusty photo assistant, Becca, and I visited the happy family at the hospital to do some "day old" shots.  I have to admit, the lighting in the hospital is tricky (I'm actually going to venture back tomorrow to try for some better photos), but a few of my first attempts came out beautifully! Like this one of her tiny little tootsies! Look back for more teensy baby photos. . .I think I'll be on a roll!