Saturday, January 19, 2008

Portaits, Ruby

OK! I've had requests for more photos of Ruby.  As everyone knows I obsessively take pictures of her! She is the BEST little guinea pig! She's usually super happy to let me follow her around all day with my camera (sometimes I'm not so lucky).  These two photos were taken on the same day. I shot her brushing her teeth for my dad (he's a dentist) and I just HAD to commemorate her using the potty! I particularly LOVE the "POTTY PORTRAIT"! I think I may have it framed and hang it in the bathroom. . .I wonder how long it will take her to ask me to take it down? 

Headshot, Bob

What a change of pace, photographing an adult! I've found myself focusing on shooting children for the past few months (maybe its the Mommy in me?) so it was nice to have a client that I could level with and get a few more subtleties out of.  This was Bob's first set of headshots, but he was a real trooper with everything I threw at him.  Getting to talk with him before and throughout the shoot, I'm sure we succeeded in capturing his essence for the shots! This is my choice shot of him.  He seems kind with a bit of an edge! Congrats, Bob, on your first headshots, I know they will be an excellent start in the industry! 

Monday, January 14, 2008

Portrait, Jack

This is another photo from my shoot with Jack.  He had so many to choose from! My favorite are when he let down his guard and STOPPED posing.  Really, I think the proofs surrounding this shot are of him playing with the grass.  I just had to keep snapping hoping I would luck out and get such a true photo.  To me it holds feelings of relaxed bliss.  I wish I could feel the way this photo looks every day! :)

Portrait, Jack

I don't know what it is with these wonderful children.  Jack is another one that is a complete ham in front of the camera! You would have thought he had been an Abercrombie model or something with the "I know I'm cool" poses he gave me! It was an absolute joy to shoot Jack! He is such a sweet little blend of his parents! Those gorgeous piercing eyes from his mom and quite a little man's personality thanks to dad! I hope to be able to work with Jack again . . . maybe even for some family shots. . . hint, hint! 

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Portrait, Gabrielle

I am really appreciating the subtle differences in lighting needs between b&w and color! This photo is beautiful in color, but so much more so in b&w! 

Portrait, Jeb

Jeb is such a sweetie! The camera loves him almost as much as his little sis!