Sunday, November 2, 2008

Portraits, Baby Elvis and the Terrible Twos

A few days after her birthday we took Ruby and her "baby brudda", Elvis, to the lakes for their very first photos together.  What went down we had no preparation for!  Ruby went ballistic! Granted, I do usually take a more 'creative' approach when I shoot pics of Ruby (or any other toddler for that matter), but I just wasn't prepared for the torrent of emotion that she let loose. You would have thought that the baby was a carrier of the black plague and Ruby was the only one who knew it.  We tried bribing her with candy, we tried reasoning with her, we even tried bribing her with "you can hold baby brother all by yourself" (we were so desperate), but all we got back from her is "baby brudda is YUCKY" (something we had not heard before or since).  I was completely gobsmacked by all of this.  I have NEVER had a problem with other children, but shooting photos of your own is a whole other beast all together!  Alex had to keep reminding me of that because my confidence as a photographer was really waning.  Poor little Elvis slept through the entire ordeal, so I got a few good ones of him all by his lonesome! Here's hoping that I didn't buy their little coordinating outfits in vain (b/c I have about a years worth of them)!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ruby's 2nd Birthday!

Ruby's 2nd birthday was last weekend.  Let me tell you, the realization that your baby is growing up is a hard pill to swallow.  I find myself just staring at her in complete disbelief at how BIG she is. Now, she's no bigger than her friends that are her age, but my goodness she seems like a giant compared to her little brother!  I also can't help but let my mind wander to what she'll be like when she's 5, 10 . . . 50!  Are we doing right by her?  Are we raising a wonderful future adult? Argh, parenting is confusing and totally stressful! Though, outweighing the stresses and confusion are the most wonderful things anyone could imagine!

Ruby's party was awesome! All of her best buds were there. . .Owen, the boyfriend; Grady & Brookston, buds forever; Nana Becca, the best aunt ever; Camryn, lil' sis from another mother; not to mention grandparents galore and Mommy & Daddy's friends!  It was an art party with painting, sidewalk chalk, lots of messiness, and cake & CHOCOLATE ice cream to top it all off! 

We are so fortunate to have our amazing 2 year old Ruby!  We love every day with her, but wish it would slow down a bit!  

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Newborn Portraits, Elvis

I have finally gotten around to doing baby Elvis's newborn portraits! The past 3 weeks have thrown us some super curve balls! First with E coming so early, then our second stay in the hospital to get light treatment for super high levels of bilirubin, my Mom having an emergency apendectomy, and Ruby's mystery illness which has turned out to most likely be just an attempt to put herself back in the spotlight (fingers crossed).  I would have liked to have done these photos at 2 weeks rather than 3, but what I did get turned out pretty good.  I am only about 2/3 of the way through all of shots I want to get so I guess I'll end up with 4 week pics too!  I usually have parents at a shoot to tend to the little ones while I am changing props and backdrops.  I was on my own for this one (Alex was with Ruby at the Dr.s office) and it took FOREVER!  When it was time to nurse I actually had to nurse the baby instead of setting up for the next shot. . .when a diaper needed changing, there I was changing it. . .you get the picture!  Considering all that I put him through, baby Elvis did wonderfully during the shoot!  I'm super proud of my little model!  I love him!  Look back for more family photos and pics with Ruby & Elvis!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

He's here! 4 WEEKS EARLY!

Elvis James Austin made his appearance in a rather dramatic fashion 4 weeks before his due date!  We are completely overjoyed and exhausted as a family of 4! More later when I have another spare minute! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too big and too slow!

I thought this was a fitting photo to use for my announcement of maternity leave.  It is one of my favorites of Ruby from over a year ago (she was about 7 months old here).  As of right now I am only about 32 weeks pregnant, but don't have nearly enough energy to conduct a photo shoot like I like to!  For those of you who have watched me take pictures or have had them taken by me, you know what I mean.  I am a roll around on the ground, run after my subject, climb on furniture, nonstop movement kind of photographer!  That just isn't possible right now, so I am not taking any new clients probably until the new year.  But please check back here on my blog to see any new pictures I might have the energy to take and pictures of our new addition, Elvis James (when he decides to make his grand entrance)! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My baby girl, who is getting bigger and less baby every day, LOVES painting and coloring.  This day she was painting a picture for the living room with Daddy.  I couldn't resist getting out my camera to document her painting, from completely clean to paint from head to toe!  I took hundreds of frames. . .I just couldn't help myself! Day to day, I find so many reasons to break out my camera. . .I actually need to buy a new hard drive for my computer just for the photos I take.  I may need one of those 1TB drives for the thousands of pictures I have! 

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Portrait, Baby Reece

Babies, babies, babies! That is all that is on my mind lately.  Maybe it has something to do with being 6 months pregnant, or maybe they are just such beautiful subjects.  Either way I so enjoy taking photos of these little newbies!  I haven't been working much because of my burgeoning belly, but when I am it is great!  I never get tired of meeting parents (especially the new ones) and their babies.  Reece was such a good model, even at 6 am (beautiful light then). . .and her parents were quite chipper for that time in the morning too!  I did learn, however, that not every little one is comfortable being completely naked. . .so we adapted to what she wanted.  That is what it is all about: capturing these little personalities (that are apparent the moment they arrive) so they and their parents will always have those memories! It is NOT about making sure you get every shot on a list of shots you normally do or forcing the little one into your agenda!  They know what they are willing to do and you can't force it!  Love to all the babies out there. . especially brand new Baby Reece!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Portrait, Angel Avery

Avery and her parents were so great to spend the day with and photograph! Avery didn't want to stay asleep, but we got some beautiful shots even though she was awake most of the time! We also had some very exciting diaperless incidents. . I'm sure her daddy didn't think it was all that cute seeing as he was on the receiving end every time! The Bagwell family were real troopers and we got some beautiful memories documented that they will have forever! 

Friday, April 4, 2008

Portrait, Weighing Camryn

I was so inspired to take this shot that I searched for months for the "perfectly imperfect" vintage scale to use.  I looked on Ebay, at antique stores and yard sales and FINALLY about two weeks before we had scheduled this shoot I found it! The perfect one! It looks a little worse for wear but I think it speaks volumes.  With the juxtaposition of Camryn being perfect, tiny and new against the obviously used, rusted yet functional scale. . .I don't think I could have gotten a more beautiful shot! 

Portrait, Camryn & Mommy & Daddy

I had such an amazing time taking these portraits of Camryn! She is every bit as photogenic as her big brother, Owen, and her parents! 

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lifestyle Portrait, Toddler Tootsies

A few days ago Ruby and I had a wonderful afternoon in the backyard! We ran, we slid, we took pictures! I was sitting on the slide and Ruby was standing in front of me smiling and it was the super cuteness of her little feet that prompted me to go inside and get my camera.  I think that the TUTU/surfer shoe combo is SO Ruby that I had to capture it for the rest of the world to enjoy! There are a few other photos I got that day that I'll share soon. . .

Friday, February 29, 2008

Newborn Portrait, Camryn

OK! So I'm a little excited about these photos! I just couldn't help myself. . I HAD to put up just one more of tiny Camryn! BTW . . . Ruby had been trying so hard to say Camryn, she's gotten as far as saying CaCa! Love it! 

Lifestyle Portrait, Teeny Tiny Tootsies

I am so elated to make this post! I am now entering the world of newborn photography and there aren't any better people to join on this journey than my wonderful friends, the Wittry's! (As many of you know, Kim & Jared's Owen is totally Ruby's boyfriend!) They were all beyond happy to welcome little Camryn into their lives on Thurday! I forgot how small newborns really are. This afternoon my trusty photo assistant, Becca, and I visited the happy family at the hospital to do some "day old" shots.  I have to admit, the lighting in the hospital is tricky (I'm actually going to venture back tomorrow to try for some better photos), but a few of my first attempts came out beautifully! Like this one of her tiny little tootsies! Look back for more teensy baby photos. . .I think I'll be on a roll! 

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Portaits, Ruby

OK! I've had requests for more photos of Ruby.  As everyone knows I obsessively take pictures of her! She is the BEST little guinea pig! She's usually super happy to let me follow her around all day with my camera (sometimes I'm not so lucky).  These two photos were taken on the same day. I shot her brushing her teeth for my dad (he's a dentist) and I just HAD to commemorate her using the potty! I particularly LOVE the "POTTY PORTRAIT"! I think I may have it framed and hang it in the bathroom. . .I wonder how long it will take her to ask me to take it down? 

Headshot, Bob

What a change of pace, photographing an adult! I've found myself focusing on shooting children for the past few months (maybe its the Mommy in me?) so it was nice to have a client that I could level with and get a few more subtleties out of.  This was Bob's first set of headshots, but he was a real trooper with everything I threw at him.  Getting to talk with him before and throughout the shoot, I'm sure we succeeded in capturing his essence for the shots! This is my choice shot of him.  He seems kind with a bit of an edge! Congrats, Bob, on your first headshots, I know they will be an excellent start in the industry! 

Monday, January 14, 2008

Portrait, Jack

This is another photo from my shoot with Jack.  He had so many to choose from! My favorite are when he let down his guard and STOPPED posing.  Really, I think the proofs surrounding this shot are of him playing with the grass.  I just had to keep snapping hoping I would luck out and get such a true photo.  To me it holds feelings of relaxed bliss.  I wish I could feel the way this photo looks every day! :)

Portrait, Jack

I don't know what it is with these wonderful children.  Jack is another one that is a complete ham in front of the camera! You would have thought he had been an Abercrombie model or something with the "I know I'm cool" poses he gave me! It was an absolute joy to shoot Jack! He is such a sweet little blend of his parents! Those gorgeous piercing eyes from his mom and quite a little man's personality thanks to dad! I hope to be able to work with Jack again . . . maybe even for some family shots. . . hint, hint! 

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Portrait, Gabrielle

I am really appreciating the subtle differences in lighting needs between b&w and color! This photo is beautiful in color, but so much more so in b&w! 

Portrait, Jeb

Jeb is such a sweetie! The camera loves him almost as much as his little sis!