Thursday, July 3, 2008

Portrait, Baby Reece

Babies, babies, babies! That is all that is on my mind lately.  Maybe it has something to do with being 6 months pregnant, or maybe they are just such beautiful subjects.  Either way I so enjoy taking photos of these little newbies!  I haven't been working much because of my burgeoning belly, but when I am it is great!  I never get tired of meeting parents (especially the new ones) and their babies.  Reece was such a good model, even at 6 am (beautiful light then). . .and her parents were quite chipper for that time in the morning too!  I did learn, however, that not every little one is comfortable being completely naked. . .so we adapted to what she wanted.  That is what it is all about: capturing these little personalities (that are apparent the moment they arrive) so they and their parents will always have those memories! It is NOT about making sure you get every shot on a list of shots you normally do or forcing the little one into your agenda!  They know what they are willing to do and you can't force it!  Love to all the babies out there. . especially brand new Baby Reece!

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