Sunday, November 2, 2008

Portraits, Baby Elvis and the Terrible Twos

A few days after her birthday we took Ruby and her "baby brudda", Elvis, to the lakes for their very first photos together.  What went down we had no preparation for!  Ruby went ballistic! Granted, I do usually take a more 'creative' approach when I shoot pics of Ruby (or any other toddler for that matter), but I just wasn't prepared for the torrent of emotion that she let loose. You would have thought that the baby was a carrier of the black plague and Ruby was the only one who knew it.  We tried bribing her with candy, we tried reasoning with her, we even tried bribing her with "you can hold baby brother all by yourself" (we were so desperate), but all we got back from her is "baby brudda is YUCKY" (something we had not heard before or since).  I was completely gobsmacked by all of this.  I have NEVER had a problem with other children, but shooting photos of your own is a whole other beast all together!  Alex had to keep reminding me of that because my confidence as a photographer was really waning.  Poor little Elvis slept through the entire ordeal, so I got a few good ones of him all by his lonesome! Here's hoping that I didn't buy their little coordinating outfits in vain (b/c I have about a years worth of them)!

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