Monday, January 14, 2008

Portrait, Jack

I don't know what it is with these wonderful children.  Jack is another one that is a complete ham in front of the camera! You would have thought he had been an Abercrombie model or something with the "I know I'm cool" poses he gave me! It was an absolute joy to shoot Jack! He is such a sweet little blend of his parents! Those gorgeous piercing eyes from his mom and quite a little man's personality thanks to dad! I hope to be able to work with Jack again . . . maybe even for some family shots. . . hint, hint! 

1 comment:

Katia said...

hint taken! Next time we need to do Jack and the dogs...if you thought Jack was a ham, wait til' you meet Max (95lb. golden)! Pack your running shoes. :)

By the way, I loved all the photos, you did a great job. Thank You!